What’s open and closed in Quebec on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

In 2021, the Government of Canada officially passed legislation to make September 30 a federal holiday called the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, which coincides with Orange Shirt Day. The holiday honors children who “never returned home and residential school survivors, as well as their families and communities,” the government said.

Although it is a federal holiday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault has not been keen on extending it to the entire province, saying in 2021 that Quebec had enough days off.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will therefore only apply to employees of Crown corporations and federally regulated corporations in Quebec.

Many private businesses that are not federally regulated are able to decide whether or not to stay open, so it’s best to call somewhere ahead to avoid any mishaps.

Here is a guide to what will be open and closed in Montreal this Friday:

What is open:

  • Restaurants
  • grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • The SAQ will operate at regular hours
  • SQDCs will be open and operating according to regular hours
  • The SAAQ will remain open and operate at regular hours
  • Museums
  • Public transport (STM operating at regular hours)
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Schools (elementary, secondary, CEGEPs and universities)
  • Community centers and sports facilities

What is closed:

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