Statement by the Prime Minister on the ninth anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today issued the following statement on the ninth anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy:

“Nine years ago, a train carrying crude oil derailed, caught fire and exploded in the heart of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. This tragedy claimed the lives of 47 people, forced many others from their homes and destroyed much of the city centre.

“On this solemn day, I join the people of Lac-Mégantic and all Canadians in paying tribute to the victims of this horrible tragedy. It was the deadliest rail accident in our modern history and no community should have to go through what Lac-Mégantic and surrounding communities went through.

“The safety of all Canadians is our top priority and we continue to take steps to strengthen regulatory requirements. In May, we updated both the Canadian Rail Operating Rules and the Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules provide an extra layer of protection for the communities that live and work along the rail lines and help prevent accidents like this tragedy from happening again.

“The Government of Canada continues to work with its provincial, municipal and private sector partners to keep people safe in the region and to support affected communities, including completing the Lac-Mégantic rail bypass projectand we continue to engage the people of Lac-Mégantic and surrounding communities as we move forward with the next steps.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I encourage all Canadians to remember those whose lives were tragically lost or forever changed on July 6, 2013. To the people of Lac-Mégantic: your strength, your resilience and your courage are a source of inspiration for all. .”

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