Quebec’s historic Anglophones are those who are eligible for English schooling, according to Legault

After launching the term “historic English-speaking community” in his inaugural speech, Prime Minister François Legault was asked to define it.

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QUEBEC РPremier Fran̤ois Legault has defined the historic English-speaking community as those eligible for English schooling in Quebec.

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“It’s defined in Bill 101,” Legault told reporters at a press conference. “These are people who learned English or went to English schools in Canada.

He agreed that a person who, for example, was born in another country and whose mother tongue is English would not be eligible for services in English.

“As it is right now,” Legault said. “Someone who comes from Jamaica, even if he speaks English, has to send his children to French schools.

“Once again, it’s a question of survival for French in Quebec.

Legault clarified the definition when the Montreal Gazette asked him to define and explain his use of the term “historic English-speaking community,” in his inaugural address Tuesday to the National Assembly.

The term has raised some issues in the English-speaking community, with the Quebec Community Groups Network challenging Legault to define what he means.

“What is the historic English-speaking community? the QCGN asked in a tweet. “Who defines who we are? “

The QCGN states that the definition would mean that between 300,000 and 500,000 English-speaking Quebecers would be removed from the list of beneficiaries of services.

The QCGN also took issue with Legault’s statement that Anglophones are the best-treated minority in Canada, noting that many of the institutions that provide services in English were built and sustained by generations of Anglophones.

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Legault, however, disputed this statement, noting that considerable public funds were also invested in it.

“When you look, for example, at the funding coming from the government for the MUHC, for Dawson, for McGill, for the English-speaking establishments… I think that we cannot say – as I read it – that all the money came from individuals.

“It comes from the Government of Quebec and I am proud of it and we will continue to do so.”

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade called Legault’s comments on the best-treated minority “condescending”.

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