Quebec warns against mobile applications imitating the vaccine passport

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The Quebec health ministry warns that mobile apps appear to mimic the provincial proof of vaccination system.

The crooks copied the VaxiCode app and managed to get approval for downloading similar products from Google Play, prompting the big tech giant to take the so-called copiers out of circulation.

“This type of copying of popular applications is an increasingly common problem. Thus, citizens must be vigilant to ensure that they download the legitimate official application, ”read a press release from the ministry.

“Remember that the official applications made available by the Government of Quebec make it possible to regulate the use of the QR code in compliance with the rules for the protection of personal information.
Additionally, if other fictitious apps are used by merchants and cause them to use or retain personal information about their customers, they will face penalties. “

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The situation has no bearing on the integrity or security of the two official government applications. Anyone wishing to download them should make sure to search exclusively for “VaxiCode” without symbols or capital letters.

The app is ad-free and users cannot upload their own QR code. VaxiCode and VaxiCode Verif only ask for permission to access the camera, files and images on the device.

Anyone wishing to download the genuine application should make sure to search for the exact name “VaxiCode” or “VaxiCode Verif” with no accents or words before or after.

Quebec reported 795 new cases of COVID-19 and five other virus-related deaths on Saturday.

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