Quebec COVID-19 long-haul travelers seek treatment and support – Montreal

Quebec patients with lasting symptoms of COVID-19 – also known as long-haul COVID – seek help and treatment after months of life with symptoms of the virus that simply won’t go away.

“It’s like living with batteries that are always at five percent,” said Carrie Anna McGinn.

The Quebec resident has been living with symptoms of what is known as the long Covid since she first contracted the virus in December 2020. The once active health worker and mother of a three-year-old daughter finds now almost impossible to accomplish daily tasks.

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“I feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket of lead,” she said, adding that the worst part was not getting an answer when her daughter asked her when she was going to be better.

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McGinn has heart damage and other health issues as a result of COVID-19.

“So I may never get better and that’s a hard thing to say to your three-year-old,” she said.

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What it takes to recover from a long COVID

Early UK statistics show around 10% of COVID cases lead to long-term symptoms. For many long-haul COVIDs, it can take years for them to regain their health.

These patients, as well as the collective of doctors and scientists COVID-STOP, ask the government to extend a treatment that is currently only available in the city of Sherbrooke.

“We are realizing everywhere, including in Quebec, that there is a lack of appropriate care because patients move from one doctor to another without an appropriate response,” said Dr Amir Khadir, member of COVID-STOP and former Member of Parliament for Quebec. .

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He said more doctors need to be trained.

“The project has been developed and submitted to the Minister. What I would like to emphasize here is that we cannot wait another year, ”Khadir said.

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For people who now face permanent disabilities from COVID-19, this collective said the government and the Minister of Health must create supports to help them for the rest of their lives.

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