Mercedes-Benz Energy Announces Second Life Project in Canada

Mercedes-Benz Energy has signed a supply agreement with Canadian startup Moment Energy to give electric car batteries a second life in stationary applications. This is Mercedes-Benz Energy’s first agreement with a North American supplier of second-life energy storage systems.

Moment Energy is integrating obsolete Mercedes-Benz batteries into its new 60 kWh energy storage solution and plans to deploy two such systems later this year. These are to be deployed at God’s Pocket Resort, an off-grid Canadian dive center. Since the station has no grid connection, it currently relies mainly on diesel generators.

Moment Energy is still very cautious about the technical specifications of its storage unit. The 60 kWh scalable modules operate at 480 or 208 volts and would offer a power rating of 40 to 320 kVA.

The provenance of the battery cells that Mercedes-Benz Energy will deliver to Moment Energy this year is unclear in the Canadian announcement. However, it is likely that these are mainly batteries from retired development vehicles, as the Stuttgart-based company’s electric cars, which have only been delivered on a larger scale since 2019 with the EQC , are not yet likely to have reached the limit of 80% of their initial energy content.

“Together with Moment Energy, we will deliver sustainable EHS solutions for North America based on second-life batteries,” said Gordon Gassmann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy. “We need to combine the experience of Mercedes-Benz Energy with the pioneering spirit of Moment Energy in these exciting times.”

“With this agreement, we are one step closer to closing a circular economy for electric vehicle batteries,” adds Sumreen Rattan, co-founder and COO of Moment Energy.

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