Hotel Le Germain, Montreal – Business Traveler

The large, tetris-like hotel is one of the most striking in the city, with its colorful facade a distraction from the largely gray skyscrapers in the area. The brutalist exterior is enlivened by the 52m high ‘Dazzle My Heart’ mural by Canadian artist Michelle Hoogveld. It is the result of a collaboration with MURAL, an annual urban art festival held in Montreal, which was unveiled in August 2021.

Hoogveld used 80 different colors in a gradient pattern, while the hotel’s left facade features a monochromatic pattern. The building really stands out thanks to this piece of art and makes it look like you are about to walk into an art gallery rather than your house for the night. See a video of the work here.

The only parts of the building that aren’t adorned with color are the restaurant on the second floor (there’s no first floor, just the ground floor) which has floor-to-ceiling windows, and the six additional floors at the top.

The color scheme is more subdued inside, with plush furnishings, dim lighting, and interesting artwork. The building was the former head office of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and the interior of the hotel, designed by the architectural firm LemayMichaud, pays homage to the year 1967 of its construction. Features include softened curved lines and nods to the sixties.

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