Here’s who might have a white Christmas in Canada

Canadians who dream of waking up to a white Christmas might experience mixed results on December 25, although some will likely still see snowflakes on the big day.

Environment Canada’s seven-day forecast now includes the weather forecast for Christmas Day. Some places can see snowfall during the week and stay cool, while others can just hope for a light dusting on December 25th.

December did not go exactly as planned, with some meteorologists predicting more wintry weather, but there is still a chance for many Canadians to enjoy a bright Christmas morning.

Here’s how things could go in some cities across the country:

Weather forecasts are subject to sudden changes. The descriptions below are from the date of publication.


Vancouver: Temperatures above freezing in the city may help prevent any snowfall during the week, but snow on the night of December 24 and periods of snow with a maximum of zero degrees Celsius are forecast for the day of Christmas.

Victoria: It’s a similar story in the provincial capital, with precipitation and above freezing temperatures throughout the week, but spells of snow are expected at night on Christmas Eve as well as on December 25, with a maximum of one degree Celsius.


Calgary: Temperatures will remain below freezing for a mostly cloudy week, with a forecast for snow on December 23 and the risk of flurries and lower temperatures that night through Christmas Day.

Edmonton: Temperatures will remain below freezing throughout the week, and varying levels of snowfall are expected Monday evening through Thursday. There is a 60% chance of snow showers on the nights of December 23 and 24, as well as on Christmas Day.


Saskatoon: Temperatures well below zero are expected throughout the week, which will be mostly cloudy, with snow on December 23 and a 60% chance of flurries on the night of December 24 and Christmas Day.

Regina: While no snowfall is expected for Christmas, temperatures are expected to stay below freezing for a week mingled with sunshine and clouds. There is a 60% chance of having snow showers on the night of December 23.


Winnipeg: Winnipeggers have a decent chance of having a White Christmas as they can experience subzero temperatures under mostly cloudy skies with snow on Monday and Thursday evenings. There is also a 60% chance of having snow showers on Christmas Eve.


Toronto: The city could receive snow on December 25, with a 60% chance of rain or flurries in addition to the rain or snow from the night before, but any other snowfall accumulated throughout. The week may be affected by temperatures hovering around zero degrees Celsius or higher this week.

Ottawa: The nation’s capital will see just below freezing temperatures and cloudy conditions this week, with spells of snow expected on the night of December 24 through Christmas.


Montreal: Temperatures generally below freezing with the risk of snow showers from the night of December 23 until Christmas, when snowfall is expected, give the city a good chance of a great holiday .

Quebec city: A 60% chance of snow showers on Wednesday, as well as on Christmas Eve night until December 25, combined with temperatures below freezing, gives Quebec City a good chance of having a white Christmas also.


Moncton: Snow is expected Wednesday evening, and temperatures below zero with a mixture of sun and cloud for the next two days. On Christmas Day, there is also a 60% chance of snow showers.

Fredericton: Snowfall Wednesday, sub-freezing temperatures, partly cloudy conditions and snow showers forecast for December 25 could mean a nice snow cover over Christmas.


Halifax: Temperatures just above freezing could help keep any snow off the ground during the week, but a 60% chance of snow showers is expected on Christmas Day.


Charlottetown: Temperatures will hover above and below freezing during a mostly cloudy week with spells of snow expected on December 23, and there is a 60% chance of snow showers arriving at Christmas.


St. John’s: Snow could fall on the night of December 23, with temperatures remaining just below zero, but cloudy conditions without further precipitation are expected by then until Christmas.


White horse: As expected, temperatures will be well below zero this week, with snow expected Monday through Tuesday and Thursday.


Yellowknife: There will be a mix of sun and cloud this week, and other than a low chance of flurries on Sunday evening, no further precipitation is expected.


Iqaluit: Snow and blowing snow are expected Tuesday, with a low chance of flurries forecast at the end of the week.

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