CES school spends in Canada

CES, which was founded in Ireland in 1979, operates eight year-round centers around the world, after opening a school in Toronto in 2018.

The new Vancouver school is located in historic Gastown and offers seven classrooms as well as social spaces.

“We [have been] asked repeatedly to open a school in Vancouver,” said Justin Quinn, CEO of CES.

“Before opening the school in Toronto, our plan was to open more destinations in North America. Naturally, these plans have been delayed due to Covid,” added Robin Adams, President of CES North America.

“However, our agents encourage us to expand and having the two main destinations in Canada increases the appeal for many agents and students,” he explained.

“Being able to present a reliable and consistent level of quality across different locations can improve the efficiency of agents in terms of streamlining their operations.”

Bayswater Education, which opened a school in Vancouver in September after acquiring Stafford House Toronto and Calgary in 2021, has also opened other locations in Canada. Global Village Victoria also announced a new school in Calgary earlier this year.

Previously with Global Village and LCI Education, Erin Adams will take on the role of Principal of the new school.

CES students are between 18 and 25 years old. However, there has been an increase in the number of students in “the 30+ segment”, Robin Adams continued.

“We are seeing high levels of support from Europe, Latin America and Asia. Ensuring a diverse learning environment is a central goal for CES, and we have experienced market representatives to ensure diversity,” he explained.

“Our goal is to facilitate immersive learning experiences that are internationally accredited and allow students to apply their skills”

“Our goal is to facilitate immersive learning experiences that are internationally recognized and enable students to apply their skills wherever their opportunities take them.”

A full range of English language programs will include exam preparation programs and pathways to higher education.

“Going forward, we will develop an increasing number of applied/career-oriented courses,” he concluded.

CES has five campuses in the UK (Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Oxford and Worthing) in addition to its campuses in Canada.

CES offers a full range of English courses such as the Standard General English Course, IELTS Preparation Course, Cambridge Exam Preparation Course, in addition to a wide range of study options. accommodation, including homestay accommodation.

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