Celebrate New Years Eve in Quebec? Here are the rules to remember

New Year’s Eve 2021 in Quebec is shaping up to be the last day of 2020. already seen? You’re not alone.

It’s safe to say we’re all set to say goodbye to 2021 and some of you were probably hoping to end this one-year roller coaster by launching a huge rage, but the current Quebec government rules of rallying are here to rain on your parade.

It feels like the measurements have changed every day or two recently, making it difficult to update. For those who feel a little confused with all the rules as they try to make plans for the last day of the year, we’ve got you covered.

For anyone planning to have people in their home, you are allowed to have a maximum of six people or occupants of two households.

If you were hoping to rent a venue and get your whole gang together, think again. Rented rooms have the same rules as all other indoor gatherings: six people or residents of three households. Unless you are getting married on New Years Eve, your weddings can have a maximum of 25 participants – the same limit applies for funerals.

And for those making last-minute reservations for dinner at a restaurant, know that you can be up to six people seated at one table. If you were hoping to hit a club on NYE, that will have to wait until next year, as Quebec has ordered bars, casinos, and taverns to shut down completely.

Basically, when in doubt, think of number 6.

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