A TikToker Tried 50 Quebec Poutines in 7 Days, Gained 8 Pounds, and Ranked in the Top 5

The clicks of your favorite waitress’s heels, Marie-Angélique, announce her arrival. She darts from behind just as you impatiently turn your head to see her. The madness of a novice. You are blinded by the acrid vapor. The aroma stings the eyes. It is a good sting, like the burning sting of divine inspiration. The fog dissipates. A tear falls. In front of you: a tantalizing mound of crispy fries, gooey gravy and cheese curds. “Welcome”, proclaims Marie-Angélique. Welcome to Paradise. You ordered a classic Quebec poutine.

Most Quebecers can experience this rapture only once (per month). Twice if they’re lucky. But for seven happy days, it was a TikToker’s entire life.

Niko Atsaidis, 26 years old, (niko.atsaidis on TikTok) spent a full week between July 18 and 25 trying 50 poutines across the province, spending over $1,225 (food and gas) and earning a total of eight pounds while walking between Beauharnois, Blainville, Drummondville , Granby, Huntington, Île-Perot, Lac-Supérieur, Lachute, Laval, Longeuil, McMasterville, Mercier, Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Georges, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Victoriaville, Yamachiche — a pilgrimage of potatoes, cheddar and fatty sauces.


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The poutine enthusiast documented each experience on TikTok, culminating in the reveal of his top five. In descending order: Cantine Annie in Victoriaville, Cantine La Fringale in McMasterville, Restaurant Labelle in Lachute, Restaurant Grégoire & Fils in Mercier and, at the top of the list, Les Couleurs De La Terre in Yamachiche.


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“It was a lot of fun, I love eating and traveling,” Atsaidis told MTL Blog. “This experience allowed me to learn a lot about poutine, what makes an authentic poutine, and all the important elements of a good poutine. It may seem simple but to perfect it, it takes expertise. “

When asked how he felt at the end of the trip, Atsaidis replied “incredible”.

“I needed to diet for a few days, but now I feel great!”

He promised more adventures to come on his channel.

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