6-year-old Quebecer spearheads efforts to force lower speed limit – Montreal

A future grade 1 student convinced adults at City Hall to reduce the speed limit on a residential street in Vaudreuil, Quebec.

Six-year-old Avaley Kevens helped collect signatures from a majority of residents living on her street to lower the maximum speed from 40 to 30 km/h.

“It’s like safer than zooming cars,” Avaley told Global News.

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The initiative began last March when the family car she was traveling in was swept away by another as they pulled out of their driveway.

Avaley was rushed to hospital with head and leg injuries.

“A big explosion happened, airbags were pulled out of the car. She is screaming and crying,” Avaley’s father, Gary Kevens, told Global News.

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After Avaley recovered, Kevens learned of a on line campaign on the Vaudreuil-Dorion website where citizens can request a reduction in the speed limit on their street.

For the City to act, 66% of residents living on a street must sign the form.

Kevens and his daughter went door to door and garnered almost 90% of residents in favor of a 10 km/h speed limit reduction.

A few weeks after the form was submitted, the new speed limit was installed with flower pots acting as traffic calming measures.

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“We had almost ninety percent of the road signs saying they would like the speed limit lowered,” Kevens said.

Neighbor Alvaro Torres told Global News he supports the new speed limit.

“As you pass, you see the flowerpot (and) it triggers something in your brain: ‘oh, I have to slow down,'” Torres said.

Several other streets in the area have also been reduced to 30 km/h but Global News has found one where the limit remains at 40 km/h. A resident who lives there told Global News that he would also like their speed reduced.

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“I have two young children, so it is better to be careful. To accompany this petition is good,” Ramrag Boodhun told Global News.

Kevens and his daughter hope the new speed limits will be enough to entice more drivers to slow down.

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