Before delivering money, it is necessary to review the registry entry

When negotiating, it is essential to have a newly issued registry entry. And I mean this: before delivering money, it is necessary to review the registry entry. The registration of a property is a public document, therefore, any citizen can request it and the delivery of a copy is very fast.


Where is the registry entry achieved?

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DURANP is the only entity in the country responsible for filing the registry items. Requesting a copy is easy. You go to the DURANP office , request a copy with the starting number, cancel the value and voila.

If you are negotiating an old property, a beautiful colonial house, or a lot that has had many owners and changes, you will have to be patient . These items are archived in Volumes at the DURANP headquarters . Likewise, items with more than one hundred sheets have a slightly longer process.

What happens if you don’t know the registration number?

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Before going to the public records office, check that you have the registration number of the game. You probably have a copy of the record. Look for the number in the deed, in a contract of sale, perhaps in the property account, in the folder where you keep all the credit receipts.

If you don’t have the number, you can proceed like this:

    • In the DURANP index , you can locate the registry entry or the electronic departure number by giving the full names of the owners. It will give you a list of the properties registered in the name of that owner (if you have several) and you can select the one you need. The address of the property will be used to verify that it is the one you are looking for; but it will not serve to find the starting number.
  • The other possibility is a bit more complex: it is the cadastral search. Carrying plans showing the perimeter and descriptive memory of the property signed by authorized professionals, it is possible to find the starting number. Sounds difficult. That is why it will take days.

If these searches do not work, it is likely that the property is not registered in public records. In that case, it is not possible to guarantee its existence. Any business that is done on the good cannot be legalized and, therefore, neither guaranteed. Our advice is simple: evaluate the risk.

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